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2ndMWSsmallThe Essex Quadrant Rose Croix Chapter was consecrated in October 1956 at the home of the Ancient and Accepted Rite for England and Wales – 10, Duke Street, London.

The founding members came from a variety of different chapters but it is worth noting that four of the founding members were also members of the Essex Quadrant Lodge No.7143 (UGLE). In fact, their contribution must have been significant. Only four years before, the Essex Quadrant Lodge had itself recently been consecrated in 1952 in the Province of Essex under the register of the United Grand Lodge of England. The same four members were founding members of the lodge too.

In the photo we can see that although our chapter number is No.501, the badge used on the breast jewel for the second Most Wise Sovereign displayed the chapter number ‘No.7143’. Our best guess is that this badge was a surplus badge commissioned for the accompanying Royal Arch Chapter which was consecrated shortly after the Lodge was consecrated.

Today, residing at Upminster Masonic Centre, Essex Quadrant Chapter meets three times per year: on the fourth Tuesday in February, April and September.

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